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Chris Zuschlag

Chris Zuschlag is a Colorado native who along with his wife and two children live in Stagecoach, a small community in northwestern Colorado. He owns and operates a landscape company in the summer and is supervisor of the Snowboard program at the Steamboat Ski Resort in the winter. 

Through his storytelling he has become a “Spell Binder” a group of certified storytellers that go to elementary schools and share stories and the art of storytelling to the children.


Chris Zuschlag


Chris Zuschlag


Chris Zuschlag

Readers' Reaction

A captivating tale of hope and possibility! Reading The Star Fairy for my child took me on a breathtaking journey of my own. The desire for wings resonated deeply with my own childhood yearning. I highly recommend this book!

For someone who loves tales of friendship, I really enjoyed reading Smoke the Dragon, especially that the protagonist found friendship with a captivating creature. Their adventures together filled my heart with joy.

Chris Zuschlag does not disappoint! I have read the author’s two titles, and the kid at heart in me is always happy. He sure has a way to intertwine magic and adventure in his stories. Children should read his books!

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